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See the forest through the trees again!

I help creative entrepreneurs with the technical side of their company so that they can focus on their passion. You are busy, and as you know, busy CEOs do not waste their time on things they are not completely passionate about! Certainly not if there is someone else who can help them with that. Investing in a team is a bit scary, but it will bring you so much more peace and support!

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Lots of love, Amber

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Is there never enough time in your day?

Amber de Waard Moonbow Websites

Hey Creative Entrepreneur!

I am Amber, ‘fixer’ of all your technical problems, and hippie at heart.

Here at Moonbow, we go for support, transparency, effectiveness, and good communication! If you have questions about the process, me or your project, don’t hesitate to ask!

To stay up to date you can follow me on Instagram: MoonbowBusinessSupport or on my Etsy shop with recycled home decorations: Treasures From Trash.