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Hey, I'm Amber!

And I’m guessing that you are a creative entrepreneur, frustrated by all the aspects of having a business you hadn’t expected. You want to follow your passion!

Don’t worry!

That’s why I’m here! Here at Moonbow, we go for support, transparency, efficiency, and excellent communication.

I help creative entrepreneurs with the technical side of their company so that they can focus on their passion. You are busy and you know, busy CEOs do not waste their time on things they aren’t completely passionate about! Certainly not if there is someone else who can help them with that. Investing in a team is a bit scary, but it will bring you so much more peace and support!

Do you want to know how I can help you ?: Learn more about my services!

Do you want... more sales?, a professional website?, more freedom?, more clients?, someone who occasionally gives you administrative assistance?, to stand out from the crowd?, support for a shorter project?, more visibility?, less stress?, nothing to do with tech issues?, to drive sales?, to finally taking inspired action?, more time?, not having to do everything on your own?
Moonbow About Me Egypt Creative Entrepreneur

Hey Creative Entrepreneur!

I am Amber, ‘fixer’ of all your technical problems, and hippie at heart.

You can find me going for coffee, playing hide and seek with my nephews and nieces, or snorkeling in Ibiza.

Sounds relaxing, no? Let’s be real, what I described above is true, but in reality, there are also the weekly mental breakdowns and monthly “OMG WHAT AM I DOING” moments. I feel you. We’ll go through it together!

Why we should work together

Look, I know that you have a million ideas in your head and don’t know where to start. Or you may have a passion in mind, you may already be on your way, but suddenly you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work, and you want someone to support you.

Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be enough time!

What if you were able to fully devote yourself to your passion, without having to lie awake at night because you still have to do a lot of paperwork? Can you imagine just sitting reading a book knowing that someone else is keeping your website up to date? Pretty nice, right?

I want to think with you, brainstorm, and make sure I support you in a way that feels right to you.

A jack of all trades is a master on none, but oftentimes better than a master of one!

I work with service and product-based entrepreneurs. I have experience in both types of companies and can help you sort things out. My creativity lies in finding the right solutions for problems and supporting you in the further development of your business!

Be sure to take a look at my webshop where we transform recycled materials into OOAK boho items! 👉 Treasures From Trash . What I do there (photography, writing content, Etsy SEO, updating items, Pinterest marketing etc.) I can also do for your company!

Take charge of your time